I am in love with no other than myself,
and my very separation is my union…

I am my beloved and my lover;
I am my knight and my maiden.

– Ibn ‘Arabi


The only true liberty is in the service of that which is beyond all limits, beyond all definitions, beyond all human appreciation: that which is All, and which therefore is no limited or individual thing: The All is no-thing, for if it were to be a single thing separated from all other things, it would not be All.

– Thomas Merton


How wide are the horizons of the spinning earth!
The moonlight leads the tides and the sun’s light will not be confined within the net of heaven.

But in the end all things return to the One.

The deaf and the dumb, the crippled and deformed are all restored to One’s perfection.

– Hsu Yun


Spiritual quote on oneness


The whole created universe is made of living energy that moves and oscillates and shines. This boundless store of restless cosmic energy has terrible destructive power. It’s like an upraised thunderbolt: to petty ego’s fragile life, identified with little body, sense and mind.

But if, transcending petty ego, all the world is known as life – as only living energy – then how can death arise at all? For one who knows the world like this, as only life, there is no death. In truth, there’s only deathlessness.

– From the Upanishads


Each atom hides beneath its veil
The soul-amazing beauty of the Beloved’s face.

– Mahmud Shabistari


Everything the same;
everything distinct.

– Zen proverb


It does not appear or disappear.
It is not born and does not die.
It is neither constructed nor raised up,
Neither made nor produced.

It is neither sitting nor lying,
Neither walking nor standing still,
Neither moving nor turning over,
Neither at rest nor idle.

It does not advance or retreat,
Knows not safety or danger,
Neither right nor wrong.
It is neither virtuous nor improper.

It is neither this nor that,
Neither going nor coming.

– From the Lotus Sutra


Lord, where shall I find you?
Your place is lofty and secret.
And where shall I not find you?
The whole earth is full of your glory!
You are found in our innermost heart,
yet you fixed earth’s boundaries.
You are a strong tower for those who are near
and the trust of those who go far.
I have sought to come near you;
I have called to you with all my heart;
and when I went out towards you,
I found you coming towards me.

– Judah Halevi