The human body is finite;
the spirit is boundless.
Before you begin to pray,
cast aside what limits you
and enter into the world of the Infinite.
Turn to God alone
and have no thought of self at all.
Nothing but God will exist for you
when self has ceased to be.

– Dov Baer of Mezhirech


True happiness cannot be found in things that change and pass away. Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably. Happiness comes from the Self and can be found in the Self only. Find your real Self and all else will come with it.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj


To find perfect composure in the midst of change is to find nirvana.

– Shunryu Suzuki


All things change, nothing perishes.

– Ovid


Man’s life…
Candle in the wind
Frost on the tiles.

– Chinese Proverb


This body is not a home, but an inn; and that only for a short time.

– Seneca


Things flourish, then each returns to its root.

Returning to the root is called stillness:
Stillness is called return to life,
return to life is called the constant;
knowing the constant is called enlightenment.

– Lao Tzu


As a mountain is unshaken by the wind,
so the heart of a wise person is unmoved by all the changes on this earth.

– Buddha


Bhagavad Gita Quote