The Most Famous Quotes on Mantra

Lydia Sweatt Quote


Lydia Sweatt Quote

What is the meaning of the word Mantra? “Man” means – a mind and “Tra” means – to free, to release. The mantra is the release of the mind. Generally, the mantra is a syllable, a single word or a sentence that is used in meditation to focus the mind and achieve the necessary emotional state.

Some people think that the mantra is something like anincantation or anautohypnosis and should bespoken to convince oneself of something or create a more receptive frame of mind. It seems to be true but not quite. Yes, indeed, each mantra has its own unique meaning, and the vibration of sound when it is pronounced has a certain effect.

Nevertheless, the mantra is more than a spell or sound vibration – it’s a sacred formula, charged with strong energy and a flow of information. The mantra is aimed to affect our consciousness and help us on our way to the spiritual improvement.

The 10 Most loved quotes on Mantra

“Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted.”

“It is the hardest thing of all, the one thing that will show if you have the one true courage. To know that you have failed, that your best efforts have been defeated, to not be able to stand it, to not be able to go on and yet to go on nonetheless.”
― Silvia Hartmann

“You are not just for the right or left, but for what is right over the wrong.”
― Suzy Kassem

“Respect yourself
Respect others
be Responsible for your actions.”
― Kevin Green

“The mind is powerful, but it needs something to hold on to so it doesn’t wander.”
― Eknath Easwaran

“Our daily prayer ought to be:
Please universe, help me
help myself
and help me show others
how to help themselves.”
― Kamand Kojouri

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
― Vince Lombardi

“You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go.”
― Lydia Sweatt

“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”
― Walt Disney

Meditation through Mantra

Reading of mantra (or chanting) during meditation will facilitate your entering into a special state of consciousness, in which the mind is cleared from obsessive thoughts, images, experiences and anxieties.In other words, the mantra will help you to plunge deeper into the meditative state.

Furthermore, each mantra carries a deep sacral meaning, an appeal to the God to bring health, love, prosperity, protection, peace and joy into the lives. Chanted over and over again, the mantra reveals its power and together with the energy of intention, can change your life for better.

In addition, the sound vibration created during chanting affects the physical body too. Thisimpact manifests itself in a sense of relaxation, stress relief, an increase of energy and strength.

Try to touch the practice of meditation through mantra, and you will be amazed at the effect it will have on you. You will certainly see the benefits of the practice and notice the incredible changes in yourself. Your emotional state will become calm and joyful. You will quickly develop into a real light, attracting good people and proper circumstances.