Dealing With Holiday Stress: The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

The holidays bring joy and excitement but can also lead to anxiety and depression. On top of the added pressures presented by the holidays, people can suffer from seasonal affective disorder as the days seem to get shorter and sunlight is harder to find. Could cannabis be a treatment option for holiday stress?


High Stress Levels Can Lead to Mental Health Concerns

The holidays can lead to added stress because of schedule changes, guests, shopping, and more. Heightened stress can lead to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. Cannabis has been studied for many years for its ability to help people calm stress. Although it is not a magical cure, medical cannabis can help you handle the holidays with less stress and offers many benefits.


Benefits of Cannabis for Holiday Stress

The brain’s neurotransmitters are responsible for mood. Serotonin and dopamine impact our overall sense of well-being. Consistent stress can bring down neurotransmitter levels and lead to anxiety and depression. Medical cannabis can boost serotonin and dopamine levels and help relieve some of the symptoms associated with added holiday stress.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Medical cannabis helps suppress high levels of anxiety. It is essential to get the proper dosage because high levels can sometimes lead to increased anxiety. Medical cannabis also relaxes the muscles in the body. Products high in CBD increase serotonin and dopamine production and help the body use these neurotransmitters more effectively.


Enhanced Sleep Quality

Sleep can become elusive when you are stressed. People often find themselves tossing and turning during the holiday season because their minds cannot seem to shut down with all they have to do.


Products with CBD promote relaxation in the body. Medical cannabis helps increase adenosine production to improve sleep by increasing time spent in REM sleep. Medical cannabis also suppresses arousal to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake more rested.


Alleviated Holiday-Induced Grief

The recent loss of a loved one or a relationship can become even more taxing during the holidays. Cheerful memories of holidays past suddenly become painful reminders. Although nothing can take away your grief entirely, cannabis can ease the burden of sadness and help you embrace the holidays with a smile. Medical cannabis is especially beneficial when coupled with grief counseling.


Improved Focus

With so much to do during the holiday season, maintaining your focus can seem impossible. Being able to multitask is often a must, and cannabis can help. Cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system of the brain. This system helps regulate mood, memory, cognition, and more. Cannabis may help you stay on task and get more done with less stress during the holiday season.


Discover the Options for Medical Cannabis

Although research must continue, studies have proven medical cannabis can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. By increasing serotonin and dopamine production, your overall sense of well-being will improve. You can also experience enhanced sleep and feel less on edge when dealing with family gatherings this holiday season.