Tips On Feeling and Looking Your Best For Your Wedding Day

You have taken care of all of the arrangements for the wedding, such as the flowers, the venue, the bridal party chosen, dresses for the ladies and the suits for the gents arranged, and the cake. Whew! That is a lot!


The absolute most needed thing for any endeavor of this magnitude is the list! The second thing is assigning the list to someone close to the bride because this position has the greatest responsibility.


The listkeeper will be responsible for keeping everyone on track and on time, including Aunt Lizzy, who is always late. If you have a wedding planner, she will have her list, which will cut down on the number of things the listkeeper has to keep track of. Still, it does not diminish the importance of the position of the bride’s listkeeper.


Timeline and the List


Four Weeks Out


Go over with your listkeeper everything that needs to be attended to. Jot down everything you can think of to start; you can walk it back if needed. The purpose is so the bride is completely relaxed on her special day.


Two Weeks Out


Bridal party and bachelor party

Order cake

Order flowers

Schedule spa day

Schedule body treatments (These run about $500.00)


One Week Out


Start taking in high-water-content meals. You will need to be hydrated to look your best and the lighter fare will help you to not bloat at the last minute. Cucumber salads, melons, soups, pickles (an odd choice perhaps, but potassium will help with last-minute stress, and the magnesium will help with any sore muscles from your prep for the big day.) This diet change does not mean you cannot have your favorite pasta dish or other heavy meal; just add more water-boosting fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Two Days Out


Spa day for everyone. Manis, pedis, massages, the works. This will relax everybody and get you in the right mood. Remember the guys; they like it too. Do not let them lie about it!


Night Before


Pack a wedding “Go Bag”. Put in everything you think might be needed. For example:

Safety pins

Nail polish in the bride’s color

Nail polish remover

Cotton balls

Breath mints/gum

Lint roller

Hand sanitizer


Double-sided tape





Hair spray

Small sewing kit

Phone charger

Tea bags

Cold pack/hot pack, depending on the season


Morning Of


If she is not getting ready at home, she should take a robe to wear over her slip and then over her dress after it is on.

Get “Go Bag”

The bride gets to do make-up, hair, and dress first. Time is on your side this way. The bride can then sit back and enjoy watching everyone else get ready.


Last Minute Tips


For eye puffiness – place a cold tea bag over the eyes for five minutes.

For a nervous stomach – Chew a spearmint leaf or drink ginger ale or 7-UP. Small sips work best.

Some may suggest having a drink before the walk down the aisle, but if you rarely indulge, this could be a mistake, as it could affect your balance.

For red or irritated eyes – use Visine Red Eyes. This will remove eye redness (and itchiness) and keep it away.

If you get too hot in your dress, leave putting it on until last and use a cold pack under each arm at the same time for fifteen minutes before donning the dress.

Most importantly, enjoy the wedding!