How To Cleanse Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be chaotic, between dealing with packing and moving companies, which can bring in a lot of stress and bad feelings. You know that you want to go into the home without any negativity in order to feel as light and refreshed as possible. Here are the best ways to purify your new home for a fresh and positive start.


Where did the Practice of Cleansing Spaces With Sage and Other Herbs Come From?

Native Americans have been performing this ritual for decades. Smoking ceremonies became popular in the Southwest part of the United States, and they are also used in other cultures around the world for spiritual and cleaning purposes.


Burn Incense or Candles


This is one of the best ways to spiritually cleanse a new home. You can use incense or candles, and some people also like to use bundles of dried herbs tied with string. This is a ritual that will clear the space of negative energy so you can let your own positive energy inside. Make sure to let the smoke spread throughout the entire house.


Set a New Intention


You want your home to make you feel a certain way, so set your intentions accordingly. Say out loud exactly why you want to clear the negative energy from the space, and wait for the positive energy to take over.


Clean out the Negative Energy with Lemons

Nothing says new and fresh like the scent of lemons. This will help clear all negativity and allow for new energy, so try lemon-scented essential oils, or simmer the peels in boiling water to let the fresh scent fill the home.


Use Crystals

Placing crystals in every room can promote positivity. Try quartz, black tourmaline, or selenite, and don’t forget to put them out under a full moon so they are recharged with the positive energy that you want.


Try a Salt Cleansing Ritual

Salt is a symbol of purity, so place small bowls of salt by the front door, windows, and any other entrances in order to prevent negative energy from entering.


Use a Tuning Fork

Music has been used as a form of therapy for hundreds of years. This ritual helps balance the mind and release negative thoughts, and the belief is that the body and its energy system are composed of vibrations. Getting the vibrations of the body in perfect harmony is key, and certain sound frequencies are known to resolve tension and clear negativity from any space.


Buy a New Broom

The simple act of buying a new broom is a great way to cleanse a new home by sweeping away toxic vibes. An old broom is said to bring along any negativity from a previous home, so be sure to leave it behind and promote a fresh start in your new space.


Use Fennel

All you have to do is hang a sack of fennel over the door to ward off witches and negativity.