Calming Quotes on Meditation to Help You Control Your Mind

Dalai Lama Quote on Inner Peace

Meditation, simply put, is a state of awareness where you are free from other distractions. When in a meditative state, the mind should be free from scattered thoughts and focused on a single thought process. Nowadays, meditation has taken on the connotations of being a spiritual practice in which you empty your mind, enter a state of relaxation in order to find inner peace. In this state, pray takes place and even an experience of your deity. [Read more…]


Inspiriting Quotes about the Soul

Vincent Van Gogh Quote

The soul, according to religious, philosophical and mythological teachings, is often described as an incorporeal element of a living being. Depending on the religion, your soul can be either mortal or immortal. You may also describe the soul as being the driving force of the physical being. [Read more…]


Calming Quotes on Eternal Peace

Kristian Goldmund Aumann Quote

The term Eternal Peace will have different meanings to different people. It can be thought of as something that we will experience once we die or something we can experience in the present. Eternal peace may lead back to religion or can be explained as something that is spiritual. In life, eternal peace can be found from within. It can be explained as acceptance of all or an insight to true happiness.

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