We look at it and do not see it;
Its name is The Invisible.
We listen to it and do not hear it;
Its name is The Inaudible.
We touch it and do not find it;
Its name is The Subtle.
These three cannot be further inquired into,
And hence merge into one.
Going up high it is not bright,
And coming down low, it is not dark.
Infinite and boundless, it cannot be given any name; It reverts to nothingness. This is called shape without shape, Form without object. It is The Vague and Elusive. Meet it and you will not see its head. Follow it and you will not see its back. Hold on to The Way of the old in order to master the things of the present. From this one may know the primeval beginning. This is called the bond of The Eternal.

– Lao Tzu


The son of man is within you

Then Jesus said:

“Peace be with you all.
Take my peace into your Selves; be watchful so nobody leads you astray claiming ‘Look there, look here for the son of man’.

I tell you that the son of man is within you all!
Seek him inside; those who search diligently and earnestly shall surely find him.

Then leave and teach the truth of the Kingdom to those with ears to hear; don’t invent rules beyond those I’ve given.

Don’t make laws like lawmakers do or else you’ll be held back.”

– From the gospel of Mary Magdalene


What exists in truth is the Self alone. The world, the individual soul and God are appearances in it.
Like silver in mother-of-pearl, these three appear at the same time and disappear at the same time.

The Self is that where there is absolutely no ‘I-thought’.
That is called ‘Stillness’.

The Self itself is the world; the Self itself is ‘I’; the Self itself is God;
all is Siva, the Self.

– Ramana Maharshi


The core of God

To get at the core of God at his greatest, one must first get to the core of himself at his least, for no one can know God who has not first known himself.

This core is a simple stillness, which is unmoved itself but by whose immobility all things are moved and all receive life.

– Meister Eckhart


Quote by Marcus Aurelius


God is in me

God is in me or else is not at all.

– Wallace Stevens


The Self is hidden in the hearts of all, as butter lies hidden in cream.
Realize the Self in the depths of meditation;
The Lord of  Love, supreme reality, who is the goal of all knowledge.

This is the highest mystical teaching.

– From the Shveteshvatara Upanishad


Whatever your eye sees

You are not your body; you are the eye.
When you see the spirit, you are free of the body.
A human being is an eye – the rest is just flesh and bones.
Whatever your eye sees, you are that.



How shall I grasp it?

Do not grasp it.
That which remains when there is no more grasping is the Self.

– Panchadasi


How to get rid of the mind?

Is it the mind that wants to kill itself?

The mind cannot kill itself. So your business is to find the real nature of the mind. Then you will know that there is no mind.
When the Self is sought, the mind is nowhere.

Abiding in the Self, one need not worry about the mind.

Ramana Maharshi