Top 10 Important quotes about Cultivating a Wakeful Presence

Anthony Liccione Quote

Anthony Liccione Quote

First of all, what does it mean to actually wake up? If only God knows what things are really like, doesn’t that mean you’re still living your own delusional dream, even with your eyes wide open? It may, but if you’re closer to seeing reality for what it is than those surrounding you, you kind of have the right to consider yourself awakened. Of course, this is a constantly ongoing process with no end, but there’s always a beginning. If you feel like you’re still fast asleep in this world of foolish mankind, try to seek the answers you need in order to start awakening.

Once you’ve realized the extent of your newfound knowledge that you are above others in a spiritual way. This is yet inspired by factual matters that have come to your knowledge. You can either stop and share or continue even further. Those that are considered as “life gurus” have indeed stopped trying after a time. Simply put, that which truly explores has no time to be showing others the beauty of the abundant spiritual scenery.

10 Thought Provoking Quotes about Cultivating a Wakeful Presence

“There are hours for rest, and hours of wakefulness; nights for sobriety and nights for drunkenness—(if only so that possession of the former allows us to discern the latter when we have it; for sad as it is, no human body can be happily drunk all the time).”
― Roman Payne

“May your sleep be your death, and your wakefulness be your heaven.”
― Anthony Liccione

“In the dead of night I stirred. Wakefulness flowed back into me. I was a cup full of sorrow, but that sorrow was stilled, like a pain that abates as long as one does not move.”
― Robin Hobb

“The more wakeful a man is to the things which surround him, the more asleep is he, and his waking is worse than his sleep.”
― Idries Shah

“In any moment, no matter how lost we feel, we can take refuge in presence and love. We need only pause, breathe, and open to the experience of aliveness within us. In that wakeful openness, we come home to the peace and freedom of our natural awareness.”
― Tara Brach

“Old age is always wakeful; as if, the longer linked with life, the less man has to do with aught that looks like death.”
― Herman Melville

“Every morning we awaken from sleep and from our dreams and enter the state we call wakefulness. A continuous stream of thoughts, most of them repetitive, characterizes the normal wakeful state.”
― Eckhart Tolle

“If you have God’s presence, you have favor. One minute of God’s presence can accomplish more than 20 years of your striving. ”
― Heidi Baker

“Presence is not some exotic state that we need to search for or manufacture. In the simplest terms, it is the felt sense of wakefulness, openness, and tenderness that arises when we are fully here and now with our experience.”
― Tara Brach

“The point is not how long you meditate; the point is whether the practice actually brings you to a certain state of mindfulness and presence, where you are a little open and able to connect with your heart essence. And five minutes of wakeful sitting practice is of far greater value than twenty minutes of dozing!”
― Sogyal Rinpoche

Why do you want to Remain Awake?

For as long as your soul is bound to a physical vessel, you do not have the full right to think about everything. This is something everyone should remember, regardless of their potentially bountiful knowledge. Although, those that are at this level don’t actually need a reminder of humility.

They are eternal students of the world, the Lord, and his subjects. Everywhere around us has an answer, all we need to achieve this knowledge-hungry way of thinking is to keep an open mind to anything that comes our way. Eventually, things will fall into place on their own, after numerous points of view have been thoroughly researched.