What Does Holistic Wellness Mean?

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The holistic lifestyle requires modification as it encompasses every part of a person’s life. Each aspect of a person’s body is considered as a grand whole while Western medicine tends to separate the body into individual parts that may be connected. Wellness involves being whole in mind, body, and spirit. Wholeness is something that could be viewed as being earned through hard work.

Improving your overall wellness can be challenging. Life gets busy and certain things take priority over others. Visiting Twin Waves Wellness Center can help you refocus on what is most important to you. This can range from increased amounts of exercise to becoming closer with loved ones. No matter what you are interested in enhancing in your life, visiting a holistic wellness center can help.

How the Holistic Approach Works

Holistic medicine seeks to address the entire problem, even if it has roots in emotional problems. A holistic doctor would recommend therapy to someone who is going through something that may be influencing physical health.

Taking alcoholism as an example, it can cause liver damage, fatigue, cancer, kidney damage, and lack of productivity. The holistic practitioner delves deep into the deeper causes of alcoholism like trauma, depression, marriage problems, or job loss. There are many reasons why people turn to alcohol to address their situations, which is what holistic wellness is about. 

Maintaining Wellness in Your Life

Maintaining wellness can start with the basics. Sleep every night, exercise often and reduce the use of negatives substances in your life. Reducing things like sugar in your diet can help tremendously with increasing your well-being and overall happiness.

Holistic health practitioners, like Twin Waves Wellness Center, recommend daily meditation and grounding exercises that can help you stay in the present. Wellness should be about maintaining your health, one day at a time. Health is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We all have only one vessel in this life that we must take good care of.

Holistic Healing Modalities

In order to facilitate healing, those seeking holistic wellness have to cut back on sugar in their diet, and perhaps even white flour and gluten products. Diet is a huge starting point to enhance your life’s wellness.

Stress management is also essential to this process. By learning how to calm the fires of stress, which can lead to other health problems down the road, you can live a life filled with wellness. Energy work, chiropractic care, and massage are all practices that are helpful in managing and lowering stress. Twin Waves Wellness Center practices a holistic chiropractic technique that focuses more on the root cause of the pain versus putting a bandage on the immediate issue. Holistic medicine does not seek to define a patient by their illness, they seek to heal the whole person. 

Different Approaches to Healing

Holistic medicine practitioners are different from ordinary Western medicine in that they: 

• believe the doctor-patient relationship influences healing 

• treatment requires education, self-care, CAM, and traditional medicine 

• a person is not defined by their condition

A person is seen as a whole person while Western medicine tends to put people in compartments, not as an individual. Holistic doctors look at social wellness, seeing if the person has enough contact with other people. They believe that emotions affect the physical body.

Holistic practitioners also usually view wellness with wholeness in mind. They tend to listen more than average Western medicine doctors. Quality doctor-patient relationships lead to better healing, although Western medicine has its uses for the right time, place, and situation.