Tips on how to cope with sudden death

grieving woman alone on a swing by the beach at sunset
grieving woman alone on a swing by the beach at sunset

Dealing with death is one of the most difficult parts of life. Every loss can rip your life apart but losing someone suddenly can be even more challenging. Sudden death is completely unexpected, making it impossible fully prepared to deal with the grief and overwhelming shock of unforeseen loss. If you’re looking for ways to cope, check out the following advice. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Grief and shock from an unexpected death can be devastating, but the worst thing you can do is try to go through it alone. Make sure to express your feelings to your friends and family. If you feel you aren’t coping normally, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a grief counselor. Seek the help of a trained professional immediately if you are having unhealthy thoughts or thinking of harming yourself or others.

Understand and Embrace the Grieving Process

It is impossible to deal with a sudden death overnight, and avoiding the loss you’re feeling will only prolong the hurt you eventually have to deal with. Learn about the five stages of grief and what to expect, as well as how to work through them. 

Everyone experiences grief differently, but there are several parts to the process that can be expected. Knowing this will also help you to recognize when you’re not coping in a healthy way. Depending on the nature of death, speaking with legal representation like these Redlands car accident lawyers can ease your grief by helping you know that the legal side of things are covered. 

Expect Delayed Reactions and Setbacks

Because of the unforeseen and unpredicted nature of a sudden death, the grief stages may be interrupted by periods of confusion and shock. Common emotional reactions such as denial, anger, and sadness may be amplified and intensified or possibly unbearable. Be prepared for waves of emotions to rush in once the initial shock wears off.

Take Care of Things

An unexpected death can make everything else seem unimportant. However, you still need to take care of practical matters. If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, try making a list of things that need done. That might include caring for a pet or paying bills. It also helps to cross items off as you go along. 

Relying on legal aid during this time is critical to your wellbeing. Lawyers like these personal injury attorneys in Folsom can handle the mounds of paperwork and court proceedings while you take care of your life and your family. 

Take Care of Yourself

You need to remember to take care of yourself, too. Even when you don’t feel like it, be sure to eat well and try to get enough sleep. Take a bath or shower, put on clean clothes, comb your hair, and brush your teeth. Take time to meditate or a take short walk. Even a small change of scenery can make you feel just a little better.

Mourn at Your Own Pace

Everyone mourns differently. Some mourning periods last a few weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes, grief can hit you again when you least expect it. You don’t have to rush, and you don’t have to “get over it.” However, if you feel you are not making progress in the grieving process or if it’s affecting your life in unusual ways, don’t be afraid to talk to a professional and get the help you need.