Ways to Respond to False Accusations in Intimate Relationships

Young couple quarreling outdoors
Young couple quarreling outdoors

At one time or another, it seems that every couple goes through a situation where one partner is accusing the other of something that they aren’t doing. Perhaps someone has accused you of being interested in someone else, or that you’re having an affair. It can be disturbing to be accused of something you’re not doing, especially when you’re unable to defend yourself from personal injury.

Sometimes, the accusation may be a little more damaging and possibly result in criminal charges. If these charges are untrue, then it’s frightening to imagine that your life could be ruined for something that you haven’t even done. What are some of the ways you can respond to false accusations in the context of an intimate relationship?

Why Do People Falsely Accuse Others?

The perception that someone is doing something wrong can feel very real to a person feeling anxious or lacking feelings of security in a relationship. Maybe the accuser has experienced a betrayal in the past, and therefore is amplifying the slightest evidence of something being wrong. 

Criminal Accusations

What if your partner is accusing you of something that could potentially get you in trouble with the law? Perhaps your partner is accusing you of stealing from them, or some form of abuse. Studies show that, in the United States, an estimated 2 to 10 percent of people are wrongfully convicted of a crime. That’s roughly 2.3 million people in jail for crimes they didn’t commit.

The most important thing to remember if you’re accused of something you haven’t done is to stay connected to your own truth. Do not allow yourself to be defined by something that’s simply false. It’s likely going to cause you to worry about how others perceive you, but you must affirm yourself and maintain your dignity in the face of false accusations.

If you’ve been falsely accused of a crime, you will need to know your legal rights. Your first step should be to hire a Riverside criminal defense attorney immediately. They will instruct you on what your next steps should be. Even if you’re innocent, you cannot assume that the outcome will be in your favor. Never try to contact the accuser. Doing so could only make matters worse.  

Relational Accusations

If your partner is accusing you of an affair, it’s important to be honest with yourself. If you’re innocent of what you’re being accused of, take a look at what’s going on that may be causing your partner to have these feelings. Is there a distance growing between you? An open and honest conversation may help to ease their worries or fears. 

Try to remember that your partner is experiencing emotional pain and distress that may not have anything to do with you. Do your best to listen to your partner’s concerns without being defensive. If the relationship is important to both of you, then you may want to seek couple’s therapy if you’re unable to resolve the situation on your own.