Things To Expect Emotionally After A Car Crash

depressed woman
depressed woman

It almost goes without saying that automobile accidents can be a source of tremendous emotion. Having feelings surge post-accident is normal, according to San Bernardino car accident attorney Kampf & Moorhead. Just what feelings those are, however, can vary from individual to individual. Here are some of the most common emotions to expect after being in a car crash.

How Could This Happen?

Perhaps one of the biggest feelings everyone who experiences a collision has is wondering how such a thing could happen. There’s a great deal of disbelief and shock that goes along with experiencing an accident, and sometimes that disbelief can border on pure shock — that numb feeling that leaves you unable to adequately carry on following that traumatic catalyst. That sense of shock isn’t limited to drivers of the vehicle, mind you. Passengers are just as likely to feel surprised they were in a wreck.

It’s All My Fault

Bearing responsibility for an accident is bound to weigh heavy on your shoulders, according to Boulder DUI defense lawyers Moorhead Law Group. But an accident doesn’t necessarily have to be your fault to experience guilt, shame, and a share of self-blame in the aftermath. 

For some people, the mere suggestion that an accident might have been avoidable had they done any of a number of things differently is enough to send them down that spiral of feeling regret. That spiral is all for naught, though. In most cases, it’s a stark reality that accidents happen, and attempts to play a situation out differently in your head are ultimately fruitless.

That Nervous Feeling

It’s common, after experiencing great stress, for individuals to start feeling a little bit jumpy. After a car accident is no exception. In fact, that stressful, anxious feeling can be multiplied beyond many other harrowing events, and may also be coupled with intense worry, an inability to relax or sleep, difficulty concentrating, unsociability, and a general lack of energy. Thankfully, feelings of anxiety are usually treatable with talk, so if you have friends or a therapist you can lean on, be sure to do so.

A Well Of Rage

In extreme cases, you might feel intense anger following a car accident. It certainly can make sense if you are the driver of the vehicle that was struck, and the accident wasn’t your fault. Similarly, if you were a passenger in a vehicle and bore no responsibility, you might feel particularly upset after an accident. Where it becomes troublesome is if you start to take that rage out on everyone else around you. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help you get that anger under control, and help you deal with your stress in a more regulated manner.