Material Resource Management-Inter Dependence of Function

Material planning does not only benefit the operational departments. But it is also beneficial for the other departments within the company. The following are the benefits:

  • Material planning can be useful in determining cash flow requirements according to the needs for materials and last dispatch plans.
  • It aids the procurement staff in arranging the purchase of material that is required.
  • It assists the sales team when determining the delivery dates for products.

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Application of Material Resource Planning

Success and effectiveness of the material resource planning process are contingent on the following variables:

  • Management’s acceptance of benefits and benefits
  • Training and participation in a proper manner for all employees and staff
  • Accuracy and precision of input data to provide precise and reliable results
  • Organization Scheduling, Workplace Management

Scheduling and planning for the workplace is the final stage in the design and planning of operations. The scheduling of operations and workplace planning is carry out during the transformation process from input to output. Thus, scheduling is the process of producing the needed quantity of product within the timeframe required. Workplace planning is the process of arranging resources according to priority work tasks that have the first date of delivery.

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Operations Plan

Scheduling is concerned with both time allocations as well as the allocation of resources for the production of needed quantities. Operational planning can be perform in conjunction with short-term planning.

The primary goal of the operations plan is to determine the most effective method for the allocation of equipment and labor to balance the time available and the use of resources within the company.

In the current era of competition and globalization, the importance of markets is give importance to Just in Time and Lean Production concepts. Thus it has increased the importance of operations scheduling. Three important tasks are that operations scheduling is responsible for:

  • Resource allocation
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Production equipment scheduling

Operations planning ensures that the proper workflow is in place by ensuring that jobs are allocate to the right machines before the start of the production process. Scheduling is the process of establishing a production timetable that highlights jobs’ sequence, time, and amount for the distribution of resources. Thus, to assist an organization with the planning of cash flow.

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Scheduling production

So, there are three primary goals of scheduling production:

  • It is crucial to meet the deadline for delivery and avoid delays in time for
  • Reduced time to work on machines
  • Work centers that are properly utilized

The scheduling of operations is made by relying on the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a consistent schedule for work
  • Finalization to be completed task
  • Get rid of the bottleneck
  • Get feedback to help make adjustments
  • The workforce can be skilled
  • Improvement of the product and process
  • Scheduling can help in capacity planning to minimize bottlenecks.
  • The scheduling aids in streamlining the production of orders based on the due dates.
  • Scheduling assists in the scheduling of various tasks.

Scheduling can be accomplish using two methods that are in the following order:

Forward scheduling is a form of scheduling in which the planner takes into account. So, an order’s receipt date to be the point of departure to plan forward all activities.

Backward scheduling is a form of scheduling in which the planner takes the date of delivery. Thus, as the point of departure and plans backward for all tasks.

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Workplace Planning

Workplace planning can ensure the highest productivity. Through the proper use of the resources available and the priorities of jobs at various work centers. Control of the workforce ensures that the highest output is achieve by using raw materials, machines, and the workforce. All information related to production is record to establish an input-output system. Thus that allows for maximum efficiency and efficient use of raw materials.

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The primary goals of planning and controlling the workforce are:

  • Priorities for various jobs
  • Records data relating to processing quantities
  • Notifying the status of work orders to the control panel
  • Record output data for monitoring the capacity of the system.
  • Give a measurement of efficiency and productivity.

Thus, scheduling operations and workplace scheduling play an essential role in the successful operations of an organization.