How to Save Money with Interstate Removals

We all know only too well the costs of relocating the home, especially when the new home is on the other side of Australia, what with legal fees, stamp duty and the relocation cost, and we should be looking for ways to reduce the moving costs, if there are any. One thing is for sure, unless you live in a single room, you’re going to need professional help, and when looking at interstate removalists, here are a few tips.

  • Self-Packing – This is the best way to keep costs down, and if you search online for a company like You Pack Removals interstate removalists, not only will they supply you with all the packing materials, they will also deliver an empty container at your convenience, so you can begin to pack away items that are rarely used. This really does take the stress out of the move, as you can pre-pack as much as you wish. The money you save by self-packing is considerable, plus you can be sure that your valuable possessions are well protected, as you packed them yourself, and when the big day arrives, it is simply a question of loading, which the removal team handles.
  • Comparing Quotes – This has never been so easy, with the Internet you can quickly make contact with several interstate removalists and ask each to quote for the move, and some actually offer an instant quote service, which is very handy. Prices will differ and providing they all check out in terms of reliability and good service, take the best deal.
  • Make Good Use of Technology – Is it really necessary for drive five hours to meet with the agent at the new property? If yes, then go ahead, but video calling can be just as effective and that will save you both time and money. If you have expecting work to be done on the new home and you have friends nearby, you could ask them to video call you so you can see how things turned out.
  • Checking Insurance – While you do want a good deal, it shouldn’t be at the expense of having no insurance – accidents do happen – so avoid dealing with any removal company that are not fully insured. Saving money is important, but not to the degree when you risk all of your personal possessions, and with full cover, you have peace of mind.
  • Travelling to the New Home – Once the deal is done and you have the keys, if you have to meet the agent at the new home, take some items with you, things you won’t need and this will lighten the load, and the less to move, the cheaper the price. You might have to make several trips and by filling the vehicle each time, you can make quite an impact.

Self-packing is definitely the way to go is you wish to save money on an interstate relocation, and with a container in your driveway, you can pack at your leisure.