What Services Are Offered By a Radiology Practice?

Radiology, or medical imagery, as it is often called, is the ability to create images for the medical sector that are used to treat people (and animals) and to diagnose conditions. Most Australian towns would have at least one radiology centre and in the cities, there would be several, and here are just a few of the services they are able to provide.

  • CT Scans – Computed Tomography (CT) is when a scan is carried out that created cross-section images and this technique can be used on any part of the body, and the CT Apparatus is a bit like a donut that the body passes through, thus creating a cross-section of the target area.
  • MRI Scans – MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, and MRI scans create images using a magnet and radio waves. The MRI machine does not use radiation, so it is perfectly safe to use, with a computer that transforms the radio waves into a visible image, and an MRI scan can be used to image any part of the body.
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound – If you are expecting and are looking for ultrasound in Leppington, for example, there is a well-established radiology practice that offers nuchal translucent scans that can detect a foetus’s well-being. There are no radiation risks for ultrasound imaging, as it uses sound to create a picture and ultrasound scans can monitor the health of a growing baby, and this process can be used for early diagnosis, as well as determining the sex.
  • Mammogram – This is used to apply a low-dose of radiation to create images of the breasts, which is an early warning system for women who think they may have breast cancer. The mammogram is not a treatment, rather an early diagnostic tool that can save lives, and many women undergo mammogram scans to assess their breasts for forms of cancer.
  • Sports Injury Diagnosis – If you have suffered a sporting injury and would like a detailed image of the injured area, there are scans that you can have that will help a specialist to better understand the injury and therefore, the treatment. It could be a twisted ankle, or a knee ligament that is causing you pain, or a nasty back injury; whatever the injury, scans can help the expert to find the best form of treatment.
  • OPG – An OPG is a front-on image of both top and bottom teeth, which shows teeth that are yet to erupt, the growth direction, the number and position of all the teeth. This type of scan proves invaluable for the dentist in many scenarios, and it is just one of several scan services offered by a radiology practice.

All of the above are services offered by an established radiology practice, which would be home to state of the art machines that carry out essential medical imaging for diagnosis and treatment. If you are in need of such a service, you would normally be referred by your physician or dentist.