4 Signs You Aren’t Happy in Your Relationship

Regardless of whether you’ve been with your partner for five years, or you’ve been married for 50 years, the fact still remains the same— relationships are tough.  It takes a considerable amount of patience and compassion to stay together when the going gets rough.  

Some people envision themselves being married in their old age, living in a retirement home married to the same person, but at some point, they realize they’re not happy in their relationship whatsoever. 

Yet that’s the nature of relationships—they often ebb and flow, and we can find ourselves in good moments and in bad ones. So, how do you know the difference? Is it simply a rough patch, or is it a sign that you’re unhappy and need to move on? To help you determine the answer, here are some of the telltale signs that you are not happy in your relationship.

You Find Excuses Not to Go Home

We don’t always want to be with our partners 24 hours a day it’s perfectly natural to want to go out with friends, or get some alone time doing your own thing. However, if you find yourself regularly finding excuses not to go home, then this could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Ask yourself whether you simply don’t want to be there. When you start noticing that you’re spending more time away from your partner than with them, then it’s time to start exploring what this means. It may be a simple question of needing to connect more, while for other people it could be an indication that the relationship has run its course.

You Don’t Like Yourself in Their Presence

It’s important that you feel appreciated and comfortable around anyone you’re in a relationship with. If you’re with your partner and find that you don’t like who you are, and you can’t truly let loose, then it’s an indication that you’re not with the right person. Someone who truly loves you allows you to be exactly who you are without asking you to change.

You Don’t Trust Them

Trust is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. If you find yourself constantly sneaking into their phone, or questioning where they are, then this is probably a red flag. In some cases your distrust may stem from personal insecurities, while in other cases it could be your intuition trying to tell you something only you know the difference.  So listen to your heart and ask yourself why it is that you don’t trust them.

You Imagine Yourself With Other People

Being attracted to other people can happen from time to time even in the happiest of relationships.  Yet, if you find yourself fantasizing about being in a relationship with someone else— or worse, act on it, then this is a strong indication that you’re not getting what you need out of your current relationship.