5 Ways to Feel Happy Instantly

Let’s face it, some days are better than others. We all find ourselves down in the dumps now and then, which can leave us longing for happier days. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for ways to boost your happiness right away, then try out these methods to perk up your mood.


When you’re in a bad mood or feeling depressed, a cluttered and messy space isn’t doing you any favors. Clean your home, and your mind will follow. In many cases, our home is a direct reflection of our mood. If we allow our house to be in disarray, then your attitude will be the same. Take all of the junk off the surfaces of your house, do your dishes, make your bed, and do whatever it takes to make your house look fabulous. Chances are it will instantly improve your mood at least a little.

Get Some Exercise

Even though not everybody loves getting exercised, the truth is that it can play a significant role in our well-being. Go outside and walk around the block for 15 minutes, and notice if you feel a difference in your outlook. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you could even go to the gym, or sign up for an exercise class. When your body gets moving, endorphins release themselves in your system, and you feel a surge of happiness.

Call a Friend

Many people avoid calling their friends and family when they’re feeling down because they don’t want to be a burden. However, a quick call simply to catch up on life and chit-chat can be very uplifting. Connecting with someone that you care about even just for a few minutes has the power to transform your overall mood.

Put on Some Happy Music

If you’re feeling down, turn on your favorite music streaming service or go to YouTube and blast your favorite song. Choose a happy one that makes you want to dance, and you’ll feel like you’re in a rom-com musical. Many people find that putting on happy music in the mornings helps them maintain a positive mindset for the entire day. Try it out for yourself and you may just find that it works.

Practice Gratitude
Sometimes we’re feeling down because we are so focused on what we don’t have that we forget what we do have.  Gratitude can play a significant role in how you look at the world. Instead of focusing on everything that’s going wrong in your life, try to focus on everything you’re grateful for. The more you appreciate what you have, the more willing the universe will be to continue to give you blessings.