Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car With These Tips

Although all of us would like to think that getting locked outside of our car is something that’s never going to happen to us but chances are, it might happen at least once. With all the things people need to deal with on a day to day basis nowadays, it’s not really that surprising if a moment of distraction ends up with you, and your car keys, on the opposite ends of the car door!

Whether this is something that’s already happened to you or not, it is an ever looming threat every time you leave your car! However, there are ways you can avoid it from ever happening!

In this post, we’ll be going over the top 5 ways you can avoid getting locked out of your car!

1. Always recheck where the keys are
When you’re stepping out of the car, there’s often tonnes of things you need to take with you, be it your bag, things you shopped for or simply your computer. It’s very easy to focus on grabbing all the stuff and not getting the keys! If this happens, you might find yourself with everything else in your hand, and your car safely locked…. With the keys inside! 

Tip: You can avoid this by making it a habit of grabbing your keys first, acknowledging that they’re there, and then moving on to grab everything else! Before you head out, recheck if you grab them and only then exit the car! If you don’t leave them inside, you won’t lock yourself out!

2. Only lock the car with the keys
A lot of people have a habit of locking their car door from the inside and then swinging it shut. It seems like an easy way to lock a car right? Your hand is already on the door and the lock is right there! Well, even though it is easy, it’s also one of the easiest ways to lock yourself out of your car!

Tip: This can also easily be avoided if you just make sure to only lock the car with the key! Whether it’s a manual key or a key fob! That way, you’ll always be sure that the keys aren’t in the car when you close the door!

3. Keep on track with key maintenance
A lot of the time, you might even remember to take the key out, but the key itself fails on you! If you’re not keeping on track with maintaining your keys, you can easily end up with a key that’s bent, or  key fob that’s out of battery! In either of the cases, your keys won’t work properly and you might not be able to get back into your car!

Tip: After every couple of weeks, take another look at your keys. Watch out for any bends or other signs of physical damage and replace the key fob’s battery every time you notice the signal getting a little weaker! This way, your keys will always function properly!

4. Keep spare keys
Locking yourself out of your car can be far less scary when you know that you have a spare somewhere. That way, if you do run into the u

Tip: Give a spare key to someone you can always count on, leave one at home and keep one in your bag or wallet. So if you get locked out, you can use a spare to get back in!

5. Have an emergency locksmith on call
If all else fails. Get professional help!
Tip: Always have an emergency locksmith on call! Locksmith Birmingham or any recommended locksmith in your area should be able to come to you and unlock your car and retrieve or repair your keys for you!