Freeing Quotes on Self-Realization

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Paramahansa Yogananda defined self-realization as knowing, in all aspects that we are one with the omnipresence of God. It is a point of transcendence at which a person has a clear understanding of who and what they are, their relationship to others and their relationship to a higher power and the universe. Self-realization leads you to understand that we are separate neither from other individuals nor from a higher power. We are all interconnected and our main goal in life should be to continuously improve our understanding of this interconnectedness. [Read more…]


Enchanting Quotes on Astrology

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Astrology is used to awaken awareness within you. It can be used to truly understand and interpret traits of an individual. The word astrology originated from the Greek words astron meaning star and logos, which means word. By this translation, you can say that astrology is a symbolic language. [Read more…]


Inspiriting Quotes about the Soul

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The soul, according to religious, philosophical and mythological teachings, is often described as an incorporeal element of a living being. Depending on the religion, your soul can be either mortal or immortal. You may also describe the soul as being the driving force of the physical being. [Read more…]