Top 10 Intellectual Quotes about Seeing God’s Miracles All Around Us

Jodi Picoult Quote

A miracle may be defined as an event that cannot be fully explained through natural or scientific laws. Such an event would typically be described as unlikely to occur and would widely be ascribed to a particular deity, saint, miracle worker or religious leader. Miracles may occur through the culmination of a certain series of natural events triggered by a higher power or by means of supernatural occurrences. God is, therefore, capable of working through nature to perform a miracle or directly intervening in an event of particular significance. Such an event would typically be described as supernatural.

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Enlivening Quotes on Miracles

Rainer Maria Rilke Quote on Miracles

To behold something amazing, something without explanation and have enough faith to believe in its reality is to believe that miracles happen in the world. Sometimes the smallest of miracles happen in our midst and we are too blind to see them. Too entranced with the world around us, too busy to notice little wonders before us. [Read more…]