The 10 Best Quotes on Atheism

Orson Welles Quote "What I hate is agnosticism, people who do not choose..."
Dictionaries, academics, and authors often define atheism as a denial or a rejection of the idea of God or any other deity. This definition is essentially incorrect. Atheism is a rejection of the assertion that there are gods. This being said, some well-known religions, such as Buddhism and Taoism also lack the belief in the concept of a god or collection of gods and opt for a more inclusive explanation of human existence that connects us with nature and the universe.

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On the day you see the light of your own true Self, you’ll rejoice!
But if you only see forms which from the beginning were in you,
and don’t die to them or know them,
how can you stand the light?

–¬†From the gospel of Thomas


Place your mind before the mirror of eternity,
place your soul in the brightness of His glory,
place your heart in the image of the divine essence
and transform yourself by contemplation
utterly into the image of His divinity,
that you too may feel what His friends feel as they taste
the hidden sweetness that God himself has set aside
from the beginning for those who love Him.

Casting aside all things in this false and troubled world
that ensnare those who love them blindly,
give all your love to Him who gave Himself in all
for you to love:
Whose beauty the sun and moon admire, and whose gifts
are abundant and precious and grand without end.

– Saint Clare of Assisi


Her heart is full of joy with love, for in the Lord her mind is stilled.
She has renounced every selfish attachment and draws abiding joy and strength from the One within.
She lives not for herself, but lives to serve the Lord of Love in all, and swims across the sea of life breasting its rough waves joyfully.

– Saint Teresa of Avila



Without desire everything is sufficient.
With seeking myriad things are impoverished.
Plain vegetables can soothe hunger.
A patched robe is enough to cover this bent old body.
Alone I hike with a deer.
Cheerfully I sing with village children.
The stream under the cliff cleanses my ears.
The pine on the mountain top fits my heart.

– Ryokan


A hermit is one who renounces the world of fragments that he may enjoy the world wholly and without interruption.

Kahlil Gibran