5 Reasons You Might Be Anxious

If you suffer from feelings of stress or anxiety, you’re not alone. As many as one out of three people suffer from anxiety every single day. While the details may vary for everyone, anxiety usually comes down to the same common reasons. If you’ve been feeling anxious lately, these are likely reasons that may have been causing it. 

Money Worries 

Is it that money can’t buy you happiness in life, but money problems sure can buy you stress. From losing your job to trying to raise your credit score to just trying to make ends meet every month, money can be a significant trigger for worry. While you may not be able to always control how much money is coming in, you can prepare yourself for the worst. 

Putting aside an emergency savings account for tough times can give you the Peace of Mind knowing that you’ll have enough to cover what you need should anything go wrong. 


Even though having children can be a joyous experience, it can also be a very stressful one.  As children grow up, they don’t have the same emotional tools as adults. They may have tantrums and be disobedient. It can start to take its toll on your mental well being trying to stay calm. 

It can also be significantly stressful, having to look after someone other than yourself. If possible, reach out for help with family members when you feel like your mental load is too much. A stressed out and overwhelmed parent isn’t doing your child any favors. 

Health Worries 

Your health is one of the most valuable things that you have. However, a lot of people take it for granted until they fall ill or get injured. If you are struggling with your health, it can be extremely stressful. Becoming aware of your own mortality can be humbling and downright anxiety-inducing. 

You can help keep your anxiety low by communicating with your doctor regularly and being proactive. Take whatever measures necessary to improve your well being. 

Too Much Alcohol 

Although a lot of people think of alcohol as something that relaxes you, the truth is that it can be quite the opposite. Drinking regularly can cause you to be more susceptible to stress and even experience panic attacks.

While the occasional glass or two is perfectly fine, heavy drinking can take its toll on your anxiety. If you notice you’ve been particularly anxious lately, ask yourself whether you’ve recently had a night out of drinking. You may be surprised to find that there directly related. 

Lack Of Sleep 

Sleep isn’t just something that makes you feel more awake. It can help you regulate your feelings and affects the way that you respond to the world every day. Try to get an adequate amount of sleep to keep your cool.