The Importance of Physical & Mental Well-Being in the Lockdown

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For a person who has an active lifestyle to have to stay at home for weeks on end can be very stressful and the lockdown can have a serious impact on your physical and mental health, being deprived of essential social contact. If you are suffering a little due to lockdown conditions, here are a few tips to help you bounce back.

Make the Best Use of Technology

Of course, the Internet is a wealth of information, plus social media and Zoom will keep you in touch with loved ones and good friends and if you are looking for a business service like server relocation from Rhenus Hightech, this can all be arranged online. You may be lucky enough to work online, which avoids the stress of being made redundant and you can find current news and even entertainment to be found online. Daily Zoom calls with best friends are highly recommended, as a video call provides you with that essential social contact.

Take Regular Exercise

You simply can’t afford to remain inactive for any period of time, as this is likely to lead to medical issues and with YouTube fitness videos, you can set aside 30 minutes and work out in your living room. You can even enrol in virtual yoga or Pilates classes, when you communicate with the instructor via a video call, so there’s no excuses for not keeping in shape.

Healthy Diet

You can order organic fresh fruit and vegetables online and they will be delivered to your door, which is great in the lockdown and the Internet can also help you to create healthy diet plans. Instead of going to the local supermarket, why not search for a health food store? They would have healthier alternatives to the processed food we usually consume and that will go a long way to ensuring that you stay healthy, while not over-indulging in anything. We all need a little colour in our lives, as the article so rightly points out and flowers are always a nice touch around the home.


Millions of people around the world set aside half an hour per day to mediate and it is very calming to sit quietly with oneself, as those who practice would happily confirm. Buy some essential oils and practice aromatherapy and you’ll be so glad that you did. Creating the right ambience is important when meditating and incense sticks are another good idea. However, if you are battling heavy thoughts, meditation itself might not be enough. Get in touch with Pacific Psych Center to get advice from licensed mental health professionals.

Vary your Routine

This might sound like a minor thing but if you chop and change your daily routine, this will keep things a little more interesting and remember to allow yourself some ‘me time’, which might be watching a movie or reading a good book.

You can also arrange some family activities and that will benefit every family member; there are some great game ideas online if you search with Google and you could even get a garden renovation project going, if the weather isn’t too cold. Click here for the current Covid-19 update in the UK.

It is hoped that the lockdown will end soon and that the second wave if the final one, allowing us all to get back to normal.